Friday, December 30, 2011


Christmas came and went and I was not at all disappointed.  It was our very first Christmas as married old people and I loved every minute of our cute little new family. Husband asked a question the night before Christmas eve that made me giggle and have to tell everyone.

Husband: so do you think we overdid it?!
Wifey: its our first Christmas ever...we will learn!

And yes we definitely overdid ourselves this year and spent WAY too much (especially that husband of mine) but it was amazing and I know even without the gifts I would have loved it just as much just being with him on that special day!

We later went to my moms and had fabulous Christmas dinner and opened some more gifts and watched basketball.

Husbands parents sent us a surround sound to open that day and we have been putting that to good use every single night since.

we were really spoiled to say the least! :)

Until next year

My parents went in together and bought us the bedding we wanted
and my dad made us that peace wreath...IN LOVE

The Eve.

Loved having the family over
for our first EVER Christmas Eve celebration
in our new place!
It was lovely.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ski School

So my little brother turned the big 15 this month. Can I get an OMG!!! I cant believe it! He can't get older it's not ok! But besides asking my mom if he can date yet, he wanted to take a trip up the mountains for some snow fun!

Now I learned to ski when I was about 3 and did that till I was about 10 and that's when I switched to snowboarding! Well in January I married an avid skier and so I told him I would start skiing again here and there!

I looked extremely goofy and looked like I was learning to walk again in those boots. After one LONG first run I sort of finally got the hang of it! Husband kept pushing me even through all my complaining and I actually had a fabulous time!

This last picture was from my husbands phone.  He took this when he went skiing the day before without me.  That is looking into the valley...AMAZING!!!

The Burgh

Husband And I recently took a trip back east to Pittsburgh. We went for his family Christmas party and it was so much fun. I just had to share the best pictures of our trip!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Dirty Dash

Having some fun before the Dirty Dash.

I love this guy sooo much!


We may not live close to a beach, but I love taking pictures of this.