Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ski School

So my little brother turned the big 15 this month. Can I get an OMG!!! I cant believe it! He can't get older it's not ok! But besides asking my mom if he can date yet, he wanted to take a trip up the mountains for some snow fun!

Now I learned to ski when I was about 3 and did that till I was about 10 and that's when I switched to snowboarding! Well in January I married an avid skier and so I told him I would start skiing again here and there!

I looked extremely goofy and looked like I was learning to walk again in those boots. After one LONG first run I sort of finally got the hang of it! Husband kept pushing me even through all my complaining and I actually had a fabulous time!

This last picture was from my husbands phone.  He took this when he went skiing the day before without me.  That is looking into the valley...AMAZING!!!

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  1. I can't believe Austin is getting so old. It weirds me out... ha ha. I LOVE that picture of you and Eddie by the way. I think it's my new favorite of you two. It looks like you had a blast skiing!!! We all need to go sometime soon :)