Monday, September 10, 2012

little bit of an update...

Just wanted to give a quick update from our life.
I am still prego with the babes and we are just waiting around for them to get here
(we are really impatient)
Even though we have been into labor and delivery FIVE times
we have made it past the 34 week goal our doctor gave us weeks ago.
We are actually officially 35 weeks today :)
excited we are getting so close!
 Hopefully we will be getting two little nuggets here in the next few weeks!!!

WHOOP WHOOP 34 weeks :)

This was my 4th time in labor and delivery and my first time staying overnight
which by the way was AWFUL...

And this is what happened to my legs and feet after my overnight stay in the hospital
it was painful and NOT fun at all, so glad my feet are back to normal.

34 week prego pic
yes I'm huge and I was measuring about 42/43 weeks if I was prego with a singleton
I am only getting bigger and trust me my stomach is awful
BUT I get two lovely children out of it
cant wait to meet them :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

pregnancy + myself = emotional wreck

So, it's been a long while since I updated the blog world.
It's been a crazy past couple of weeks, especially this last week!
Let's just say I am trying so hard to enjoy being pregnant.
I won't lie when I say it's a tough job.
I cry over EVERYTHING and I miss being able to do anything for myself!
Emotionally I would say I have reached my limit,
but I am going to keep pushing for these cute little bambinos growing inside me
that are making it so hard to breath and sleep and pretty much do anything :)
(I still love them)

Week 23

Week 24

Week 25

NOTE TO SELF: moving SUCKS when you are expecting!!!

Also, I had to post this picture of my baby brother
who had the most amazing letters playing scrabble on July 4th!
God Bless America :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Growing Growing Growing!

20 weeks!!!
I am officially half way if I was having a singleton.
Even though I look like I could pop in about 2 months I still have about 4ish to go!
I'm going to be huge and I just keep getting bigger
YAY! ha
good for babies, but not for my aching body.
I have only gained about 15 pounds, but there is no stopping in the near future.

Week 20 bump pic...

PS Eddie felt baby girl move this morning :)
He has been dying to feel them and he got too
he was so excited and one proud papa!
I love him.


Monday, May 21, 2012


As all of you know we are expecting TWINS!
AH! It is still so crazy to me.
A few weeks ago at our last ultrasound we found out what we were having.
Our boy was very spread eagle for us to see he was definitely a HE
and our girl was being modest so he was only 90% sure it was a girl.

We have another appointment this Thursday so hopefully that 90% turns to a 100%
because we both want one of each so badly.

No matter what we will love each no matter what!
We already love them like crazy.
I can't believe we are over half way to see them.

This is my official 19 week belly.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Due Fall 2012

We are expecting TWINS come Fall of 2012.
Husband and I are so very excited and we can't wait till the 2 nuggets get here.
Hopefully we find out what we are having this week.
Stay posted :)