Monday, September 10, 2012

little bit of an update...

Just wanted to give a quick update from our life.
I am still prego with the babes and we are just waiting around for them to get here
(we are really impatient)
Even though we have been into labor and delivery FIVE times
we have made it past the 34 week goal our doctor gave us weeks ago.
We are actually officially 35 weeks today :)
excited we are getting so close!
 Hopefully we will be getting two little nuggets here in the next few weeks!!!

WHOOP WHOOP 34 weeks :)

This was my 4th time in labor and delivery and my first time staying overnight
which by the way was AWFUL...

And this is what happened to my legs and feet after my overnight stay in the hospital
it was painful and NOT fun at all, so glad my feet are back to normal.

34 week prego pic
yes I'm huge and I was measuring about 42/43 weeks if I was prego with a singleton
I am only getting bigger and trust me my stomach is awful
BUT I get two lovely children out of it
cant wait to meet them :)

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